Inter-regional word war vs. Ottawa County Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Naperville region challenged Ottawa County Grand Rapids, Michigan to an inter-regional word war (based on average word count), with a side-bet that the losing region must record themselves singing the regional song of the winning region. At the time that we issued the challenge, we lagged by some 30 words; this rapidly grew to over 400 words even on the day of our All Day Write-In.

Fortunately, we’ve caught up and, after a day or two of changing leads, we now have taken a 700+ word lead.

It’s all in good fun; and the OCGRians have come up with some neat regional songs like “OCGR”:

Wrimo, there’s a place you can go

Wrimo, when your word count is low

There’s a region

Called the OCGR

There are friends there from near and far.

We love to write here in OCGR!

We love to win here in OCGR!

Come for the wars

Come for the snacks

Come for the weasel attacks…