Welcome to the Journey!

The Writing Journey is a community of writers and creators, most of whom are in the western suburbs of Chicago although others are in Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and beyond.

Most of our events are virtual (or offered in a hybrid in-person/virtual mode). If you’re looking for a welcoming, supportive writers’ group with many Paths to explore, the Journey may be for you.  Read more about the Journey. Our Paths include anthologies, critiquing, editing/accountability, workshops, and much more. We’re also open to ideas for new Paths.

To join the Writing Journey, begin by filling out this form: writingjourney.org/join  (membership in the Writing Journey is free).

Map to Journey Resources

Resource (Login)
Visibility What it is used for
writingjourney.org (wordpress) public Links to paths, other sites, shared blog, anthologies from the Journey, link for how to join. Public events are listed at writingjourney.org/events. Blog posts are at writingjourney.org/posts-page.
writingjourney.substack.com public Journey newsletter (hosted at substack)
members.writingjourney.org  (wordpress) Journey members-only Journey meeting notes and other internal blog articles and wiki page information (uses the same wordpress login as writingjourney.org)
google calendar (google) public Google calendar used by Naperville region during November, but by the Journey the rest of the year.
google group (google) Journey members-only Google group. You can treat it as an e-mail list, as an e-mail digest or as a web forum (you control e-mail frequency). This google group is intended for informal discussions.
google drive – Journey folder (google) Journey members-only Place to put common documents for Journey paths and internal discussions. Everyone who is a member of the google group above automatically has editing rights for every document and subfolder in this google drive folder. See this tutorial on how to access it.
the-journey@lists.naperwrimo.org (your e-mail address) Journey members-only This is the e-mail list used for announcements within the Journey. Anyone in the Journey can use it (for time sensitive announcements or announcements that are more important than traffic sent to the google group. Follow-up discussions should be done in the google group.

A note to Journey members

If you’d like to write a blog article (which we like), please Submit to the workflow so an Editor can look over your article; don’t publish it directly.