Books Published by the Journey

The Spaces In Between (2023)

is the fifteenth published anthology of the Writing Journey. featuring a diverse collection of “what if” questions across four imaginative cues: One More Day, Suddenly Sentient, Forever Changed, and Never Returning.

From a single day with an absent loved one to curious encounters with surprisingly sentient beings; from unexpected life shifts to chosen paths that only allow forward movement, these stories and poems portray what happens when we take the leap into the unknown, whether deliberately or unwittingly.

Leap – eagerly or cautiously – into The Spaces In Between and satisfy your imagination with this creative collection of short stories, flash fiction, and poems from Barbara Bartilson, Gertrude Daly, Bevan Das, Susan Diane Ekins, Elaine J Fisher, Mary Glatz, Grayraven, Nikki Green, Liz SanFilippo Hall, Todd Hogan, Yolanda Huslig, Debra Kollar, Sherry L. Linker, N. Frances Moritz, EMR, Savannah Reynard, Karen Stumm Limbrick, Annerose Walz, Gregory Wright, and Tim Yao,

Denizens of the Deep (2022)

Denizens of the Deep is an anthology exploring what may be living – or hiding – in the darkness of deep water. Ranging from historical fiction to fantasy to science fiction, twenty-one authors take you beneath the wave to discover the secrets of those who dwell there.

A woman follows her husband into the sea to the cave of a siren. A scientist looks to the ocean for the secret of immortality. Divers run into unexpected finds under the waves. Underwater cities struggle to keep the water out. Mermaid treasures are lost and found, and so too are souls.

Featuring poems, flash fiction, short stories, and illustrations, these twenty-nine tales will introduce you to the wonders – and dangers – of the deep.
Contributors include: Victoria Williams, Elaine J Fisher, Tina Porubsky, Gertrude Daly, Tauna Sonne Le Mare, Jennifer Smith, N. Frances Moritz, Tim Yao, Bevan Das, Debra Kollar, Mary O’Brien Glatz, Liz SanFilippo Hall, Dawn DeLaura Vogelsberg, Sherry Linker, Jennifer Stasinopoulos, Susan Ekins, Karen Stumm Limbrick, Nikki Green, Annerose Walz, Gwen Tolios, J.M. Guilfoyle.

This is the fourteenth anthology produced by The Writing Journey, a Chicago-based writers group dedicated to helping authors write, improve, network, and grow.

Triple Vision (2021)

We often view life, just as we read and write fiction, through one of three lenses — Reality, Speculation, Fantasy.

In Triple Vision, the writers of The Writing Journey open these three lenses wide with a riveting collection of short stories and poems that entice the reader to interact close-up with an engaging cast of characters in a wide array of fanciful tales and moving verse.

The lens of Realism transforms scenes from real life to ride the pulsating beats that drive our world today. These stories and poems create meaning from what is, with its conflicts, strivings, losses, loves, highs and lows.

The lens of Speculation extrapolates from the realm of the future or what could be to create Science Fiction and Horror stories. The action scenes escalate beat by beat to bring the reader to new heights of anticipation.

The lens of Fantasy goes beyond what is or what might be to explore our most profound connections to the unknown. The dreamlike depictions in this group of stories and poems carry us to our deepest wellsprings of meaning.

Activate your curiosity and satisfy your imagination as you enjoy these sometimes startling stories and poems of Triple Vision offered here by The Writing Journey of Naperville and beyond.

Trigger warning: there is one story in this collection about child sexual abuse.

Masks, Facades, and Reveals (2021)

What we show and don’t show to the world can be a delicate balance. Each mask on display is carefully painted, our facades built with focus, and our reveals calculated even if the consequences are not. From putting on airs for your parents to a sudden need for witness protection to discovering a grandparent’s past, enjoy these 40 stories and poems from Chicago authors. Explore the lengths to which people can go in a charade to protect themselves and others. Watch what happens when secrets come to light.The Writing Journey is an a la carte writing community in the western cities and suburbs of Chicago.

Featuring stories and poems by: Brian Cable, Bevan Das, Susan Ekins, Elaine J Fisher, Leslie Hatch Gail, J. M. Guilfoyle, Liz SanFilippo Hall, R. Todd Hogan, Yolanda Huslig, S. Ellen J., Debra Kollar, Karen Stumm Limbrick, Barbara Lipkin, Keshia L. Nowden , Mary O’Brien Glatz , Timothy Paulson, Savannah Reynard, Lauren Rogers, Tauna Sonne-leMare, Jennifer Stasinopoulos, Gwen Tolios, Annerose Walz, Esther S. Wiggin, Victoria Williams, Milda Willoughby, Gregory Wright, and Tim Yao

Edited by Gwen Tolios, Tauna Sonne-leMare, Tim Yao, Cathy Goodman, and Milda Willoughby.

Stranded (2020)

A collection of clever cross-genre stories and poems that take the reader down the road of the known to the expanse of the unknown into some unexpected circumstances. The Writing Journey of Naperville and its surrounds, a group of diverse writers, explores the many manifestations of being stranded, in the physical, emotional, psychological and supernatural dimensions. With humor, heart and hutzpah, a cast of colorful characters find themselves in the most unlikely and often dire situations to reveal the poignancy and pathos, courage and cunning, of our human condition.

Featuring stories and poems by: Barbara Bartilson, Susan Ekins, Elaine Fisher, Leslie Gail, Margie Gustafson, Elizabeth SanFilippo Hall, Todd Hogan, Yolanda Huslig, Debra Kollar, Jessica Kosar, Stéphane Lafrance, Karen Stumm Limbrick, Barbara Lipkin, Edward Martin, Sam McAdams, Mary O’Brien Glatz, K.V. Peck, Savannah Reynard, Julie Rule, Tauna Sonne leMare, Jennifer Stasinopoulos, Gwen Tolios, Susan Wachowski, Milda Willoughby, Greg Wright, and Tim Yao.

Edited by Mary O’Brien Glatz, Milda Willoughby, and Tim Yao.

The Love Anthology (2019)

What’s love got to do with it? Everything, as appears in these intriguing short stories, flash fiction pieces, and poems by The Writing Journey. Love doesn’t happen in just a few lines on a Valentine card. It can touch the heart when least expected. Strangers, sisters, mother and child, friends, and lovers grace these pages in ways as old as love itself and as new as a first embrace.

It’s all about love in its laughter and tears, mystery and hope, splendor and despair.

Let the Writing Journey take you with them as they explore the many facets of love.

Featuring works by: Kelly Duff, Elaine Fisher, Todd Hogan, Diana Jean, Debra Kollar, Karen Limbrick, Keshia Nowden, Mary O’Brien Glatz, Gwen Tolios, Annerose Walz, and Tim Yao. Edited by Diana Jean and Tim Yao.

Reasons for Hope: Speculative stories and poems (2018)

These are dark times, some say, with so many unresolved problems in our world. Where is Hope? Renew your spirit with these speculative fictional answers to that eternal question.

We live in our stories. Find hope in this anthology offered by The Writing Journey (, a community of writers who follow a diverse array of creative and fun Paths. Be surprised and amused as you journey on many possible paths to an optimistic future.

Speculative stories and poems by Barbara Bartilson, Bonnie B. Bradlee, Brian Cable, Elaine Fisher, Todd Hogan, Yolanda Huslig, Diana Jean, PH Johannesen, S. Ellen J., Debra Kollar, Tanasha Martin, Mary O’Brien Glatz, Sara Vallejo, Annerose Walz, Gregory Wright, and Tim Yao.

Edited by Tim Yao, Sara Vallejo and Mary O’Brien-Glatz.

Near Myths:
A Collection of Stories and Poems

Edited by Awnna Marie Evans, Eleanor Roth, Tim Yao and Todd Hogan. The anthology Near Myths is the eighth anthology overall from the Journey. It explores unique stories that have been closely inspired by myths, legends, faerie tales, songs and other archetypical stories that resonate in the human consciousness. Exploring a diverse and wide array of themes, the stories and poems in this anthology delve deep into human emotions. The anthology features stories and poems from Becki Blumer, C. M. Brennan, Samantha Brown, Brian Cable, Ava Douglas, Awnna Marie Evans, Elaine Fisher, Anna Gabrielli, Caroline Harbour, Todd Hogan, Yolanda Huslig, Diana Jean, S. Ellen J., Arah Ko, Debra Kollar, Sara Marschand, Tanesha Martin, Daniel McCullough, Keshia L. Nowden, Mary O’Brien-Glatz, Ed Pongklub, Dani Saiz, Molly Scranton, Lydia H. Stucki, Annerose Walz, S. Michael White, and Tim Yao.

Human: An Exploration of What It Means (2016)

Edited by Tim Yao, Melinda Borucki and Mary O’Brien Glatz

Human is an anthology of flash fiction short stories and poems exploring the human condition, social mores and normative behaviors.

What does it mean to be Human? Scientists, psychologists, theologians and others have asked this question since the beginning. In this anthology, The Writing Journey offers a collection of creative reflections on the ever-changing prism we call the human experience. What are the edges of being human? These stories and poems plumb those boundaries, some with the lightness of ironic humor and some with the heavy despair of reality. Enjoy these writers as they explore the many facets of love, family, friendship, growing up, growing old, death and dying, our fears, our needs, our alienations, and our aspirations. Or can we define human at the edges of our relationships between and among species, humans and technology?

Voices from the Dark (2015)

Edited by Roger C. Lubeck, Phoenix Autumn, Ana Koulouris, Sara Marschand, and Kevin C. Swier.

Within each of us lies a darkness. A deep, unnerving essence that lurks at the fringes of our consciousness. Some hear it as a voice whispering secrets from the dark shadows. Others feel its presence as a cold chill sent tingling down the spine. However it makes itself known, the darkness is there. It’s real, and it wants to be freed. Eleven members of the Writing Journey set out to explore the darkness that lies in all of us. To listen to and translate their own Voices From The Dark. They searched in such places as a local library, the house of a typical American Family, a high-end restaurant, an ER, and a graveyard. The results are tales of death, betrayal, terrorism, monsters, murderers, broken dreams, and the undead. The Writing Journey beckons you to experience their darkness.

Stories from Other Worlds (2014)

Edited by Roger Lubeck and Ana Koulouris

Join members of The Writing Journey as they explore 16 exciting new Stories from Other Worlds. Visit a prison at the far end of the galaxy. Consider a retelling of The Time Machine. Walk along the river of death. Hunt humans on an alien world. Experiment with other dimensions. Escape with Blood and Fear. Survive on a new world. Defend your life from unseen invaders.

Featuring stories by Roger C. Lubeck, Taylor Anhalt, Catherine Brennan, Mary Jo Campbell, Patricia Clemmons, Frank Dahlman, I. J. Davis, Todd Hogan, K. C. Swier, Cassidy Q. Turpin, and Tim Yao.

The Day Before the End of the World (2012)

daybeforecoverthumbEdited by Roger Lubeck

2012 marks the end of the second period in the Maya Calendar. Whereas most of us believe the world will continue into 2013, we recognize that some are preparing for the end. The Journey Writers Group took up the challenge to write about The Day Before The End Of The World. One group of writers thought about a science fiction or fantasy story. Others considered a more mainstream story. In a handful of stories the world as we know it is clearly ending. In others the end is not so clear; perhaps only an individual’s world is ending. At the core of all of the stories is an exploration of human emotions and the value of each day we are alive.

Featuring works by Amy Anhalt, Taylor Anhalt, Brian Cable, Patricia Clemmons, Katherine Czerwinski, Wendy Dickmann, Ana Koulouris, Jez Layman, Roger C. Lubeck, K. C. Swier, Samantha Thomas, Tim Yao, and Piotr T. Zbiegiel.

Drops of Midnight (2012)

Edited by Steven White

In the dark alleys and gaslit pubs of lower London you can buy almost anything – including dreams.

Here you can purchase small glass bottles offering tales stolen from the subconscious.

Taste the longing and regret of a woman escaping her father’s fate and trying to live up to his memory. Experience the dreams of a child trapped in a coma, needing to fly. Feel the pain and nobility of a dreamer living through the Holocaust, or a general on the eve of battle. Some dreams are surreal encounters, like meeting a faded celebrity; others are dark nightmares, like a demon torturing a man for his past. One woman daydreams of a lost loved one; another man makes a bargain that may cost him his dreams.

Sample a bottle of stolen dreams – twelve stories spanning time and place from writers exploring daydreams and nightmares.

Featuring works by Steven White, Catherine Brennan, Katherine Lato, Tim Yao, Patricia Wigeland-Clemmons, Mike Manolakes, Sam McAdams, Janet Lee, Mary Egan, Lloyd Rakosnik, Rae H. Williams, and Heather Cavanaugh

Try Drops of Midnight.

The Letter (2012)

Edited by Claire Somerville

A fragment of a sentence connects people and worlds in this anthology where all tales begin with, “The letter was unreadable, save for the last few words.” Explore winding paths through snowy streets in a corrupt, fallen kingdom and everyday lives turned upside down by unexpected news. Soar in sleek airships above mystical rebellions in the Australian Outback and dive into the dangers of a tropical island on Earths which never were. Find out a loving mother’s final words, what the IRS wants with an unorganized coffee shop owner, and what a love letter from a vampire is like. Fourteen fascinating stories await within this collection.

Featuring works by Claire Somervillle, Tim Yao, Heather Cavanaugh, Janet Lee, Katherine Lato, Mary Egan, Nancy Springs, Patricia Wigeland-Clemmons, Tom Ostler, Barry Glicklich, Wendy Dickmann, and Lloyd Rakosnilk

Infinite Monkeys (2009)

Edited by Katherine Lato

There is an infinite monkey theorem that says that “a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare” [Wikipedia]. If monkeys could produce Shakespeare, the novelists believed they could produce a short story anthology; and so the title “Infinite Monkeys” was born.At the end of 2008, twelve aspiring novelists came together to hone their writing skills. Together they decided to write a short story anthology.What do you do for an encore after completing your novel for National Novel Writing Month?

What is in this book, however, has nothing to do with monkeys, infinite or otherwise. Each story in this book explores themes of redemption. The stories traverse different genres and moods, ranging from light humor to dark mystery.

Featuring works by David Dean, Brian Cable, Barry Glicklich, Barbara K Hower, Katherine Lato, Sabrina Lato, Mike Manolakes, Tom Ostler, Timothy Paulsen, Tim Yao and Lloyd J Rakosnik