About the Journey

The Writing Journey is a year-round writing community based in the Naperville region of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) but has members outside the region.  The Journey features many Paths (activities, events, groups, workshops) that help us all grow as writers and creators. Major Paths can be found by clicking on the Paths menu item. A brief description can be found below:

  • the General Meeting Path, which organizes two workshops for each Journey general meeting (January-June and in September) (Path led by Tim Yao)
  • an annual Anthology Path, focusing on the writing, inter-author critiquing, editing, and polishing of short stories, flash fiction, and poetry (Path led by Tim Yao)
  • an Editing Path, with monthly meetings featuring round-robin sharing of goals and progress, an informal short workshop, and Shut-Yer-Trap-and-Write sessions (like NaNoWriMo write-ins but for editing and writing) (Path is led by Sam McAdams)
  • a Writer’s Workshop Path (aka the Critiquing Path) that features bi-weekly critiquing sessions (Path led by Daniel McCullough)
  • a Technology Path, featuring monthly workshops to share workshops exploring technology that helps writers and creators (Path led by Jenn Bauer)

Joining the Journey is simple, Just fill out the form at https://writingjourney.org/join Once you’re a member, you can decide which paths you want to follow.