Journey Anthology Editors

Editors of Published Journey Anthologies

Claire Somerville – Editor of The Letter, an anthology sharing the same starting sentence.

Katherine Lato – Editor of Infinite Monkeys, an anthology exploring the theme of redemption.

Roger Lubeck – Editor of The Day Before The End of The World

Steve White – Editor of Drops of Midnight, an anthology exploring the theme of dreams.

Ana Koulouris and Roger Lubeck – Editors of Stories from Other Worlds, an anthology exploring other worlds across many genres.

Roger Lubeck, Phoenix Autumn, Ana Koulouris, Sara Marschand, and K.C. Swier – Editors of Voices from the Dark

Tim Yao, Mary O’Brien Glatz, Melinda Borucki, Editors of Human: An Anthology Exploring What It Means through flash fiction and poetry

Tim Yao, Todd Hogan, Awnna Marie Evans and Eleanor Roth, Editors of Near Myths, an anthology of stories, flash fiction and poems exploring the retelling of myths, legends, faerie tales and old stories.

Editors of Upcoming Journey Anthologies

Catherine Brennan – Editor of Secrets of Seifort, a shared world anthology, exploring the characters and happenings around the mythical town of Seifort, North Carolina.

Tim Yao, Mary O’Brien Glatz and Sara Vallejo, Editors of (anthology 14–title to be determined), an optimistic anthology of speculative fiction short stories, flash fiction and poetry.

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