Refilling the well path

To join the path, look for monthly announcements in the google group, or this google document has the latest information about zoom get-togethers, or how how join the Slack channel for the path. Refilling the well Journey Path document

Refilling the well – Creativity requires a source, like a well. Often, we refill the source naturally, but sometimes we need help. We need to spend time with our creative sides, but not actually creating. The author of “The Artist’s Way”, Julia Cameron suggests going out once a week doing the things that your creative side connects with, as opposed to your practical, analytical side. 

This path will explore online sources to help refill the well, especially ones that we could check out together—like going virtually to an art museum and talking about a few of the paintings. Or attending a lecture about the connection of art & music & science. Or sharing a book or article that really got you thinking. Or a meditation practice that helps inspire you. Or … 

We won’t be writing during this time since the idea is to refill the well to be able to have material to draw from on your current projects, not create based just on the shared link. If someone wants to host a ‘Shut Up and Write’ session after it, that would be fine (but I won’t be doing that.) There will be talking with each other as part of this path.

Before a link can be suggested, the finder has to spend at least ten minutes checking it out. It can’t just be something you saw on Facebook that ‘looked interesting.’ You have to have actually clicked on the link, found out if it requires registration, looked around a little, and confirmed that this is something that is interesting, unusual, food for fodder. We want to refill our well, not be frustrated by a bad link that doesn’t work or is just an advertisement.

This path will stay remote since Katherine lives in Pennsylvania.