Human: an anthology exploring what it means

Human is an anthology of short stories and poems exploring the human condition, social mores and normative behaviors.

What does it mean to be Human? Scientists, psychologists, theologians and others have asked this question since the beginning. In this anthology, The Writing Journey offers a collection of creative reflections on the ever-changing prism we call the human experience.  What are the edges of being human? These stories and poems plumb those boundaries, some with the lightness of ironic humor and some with the heavy despair of reality.  Enjoy these writers as they explore the many facets of love, family, friendship, growing up, growing old, death and dying, our fears, our needs, our alienations, and our aspirations.  Or can we define human at the edges of our relationships between and among species, humans and technology?

The Writing Journey is publishing online this collection of flash fiction stories and poems, edited by Tim Yao, Mary O’Brien Glatz and Melinda Borucki and featuring stories and poems by Tanasha MartinArah KoMary O’Brien GlatzTodd HoganElaine FisherTim YaoKeshia Nowden, Melinda BoruckiAna KoulourisEd Pongklub, and Stephanie Ewing. An e-book form of the anthology will be made available this spring.


ANTHOLOGY 12 (2016) – Call for Submissions!

The Writing Journey is looking for authors to submit their flash fiction, short stories and poems for our 2016 anthology that explores the theme of the classics reimagined. We’re looking for stories that play with themes, characters, plots, and images from classic stories – fairy tales, folklore, hero myths, and mythologies through new eyes. You can stay as close or wander as far as you’d like. You can modernize stories, replace all the characters with dragons, put it on another planet, or in another time and place. You could genderbend the characters, break heteronormative or neurotypical norms. You could pull a single character from a classic story and put them in another story – another classic or one all your own. You could combine classic stories across time, place, and genre. Do whatever you want, so long as you are drawing from some classic story (classic does not have to mean well known, by the way). We’re looking for poetry and fiction (from micro-fiction to short stories up to about 3000 words). Stories should be PG-13.

If you are interested in participating in this anthology, please enter your information here:

For more information, contact the Editors: Awnna Marie Evans and Eleanor Roth at


First meeting for authors (not mandatory):

  • Saturday, January 16, 1:30-3:30 pm
  • Woodridge Public Library
  • Bring your laptop if you have one
  • There will be a workshop on Critiquing in addition to discussion about the anthology


  • Glen Ellyn Public Library
  • The Shakespeare room is booked 1-4pm on the following dates: Jan 30, Mar 12, Apr 16, May 14.
  • Plan to work on your stories (bring your laptop/notebook)
  • There is room for 8-10 people in the room, so indicate if you are planning to attend.


  • first drafts due Feb 15
  • first round of inter-author critiques due Feb 29 (critiques will be assigned rather than free-for-all this year)
  • three weeks to redraft: second drafts are due March 21
  • two weeks for inter-author critiques: due April 4
  • three weeks for rewrites: third draft due April 25
  • final critiques due May 9
  • final draft due May 30


  • authors will divide costs involved in publication (e.g., fonts, cover design, book proofs) as agreed to by the authors
  • authors will divide profits (minus 30% for the publisher) after costs have been recouped

Mockup covers:




Voices from the Dark: Available Now!

Out now!


Voices from the Dark, The Writing Journey’s sixth anthology, was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world on 10 December, 2015 (just in time for the holidays!).

Eleven members contributed original works to this book, the theme of which is “Darkness.” We each approached the topic in our own ways and bam, an anthology was born. So, what have we got? Lots of stuff! Among other things, there’s a graveyard, evil magic, some slight murder, and of course, unexplained horrors. What more could you ask for?

If you were curious who these “eleven members” are, here is a list of names in no particular order:
Eleanor Roth, K. C. Swier, Tim Yao, Catherine Brennan, Elaine Fisher, Todd Hogan, Phoenix Autumn, Diana Jean, Ana Koulouris, Sara Marschand, and Edison Pongklub.

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What is The Writing Journey, you ask? It’s a writing group affiliated with the Naperville region of National Novel Writing Month. We have an entire website right here for you to look at. Why not take a peek? Come on, everyone’s doing it.

If you prefer eBooks, we’ve got you covered! I mean, we WILL have you covered. The eBook versions of Voices from the Dark shall be available February 1 (just in time for Valentine’s Day!) from such retailers as:

Pro tip! You can sample the eBook RIGHT NOW, exactly where you are, yes, even dressed like that! You can enjoy the entire first story and part of the second*, all for the low cost of free!

*As well as the copyright information and table of contents, if you’re into those things.

We are officially out of exclamation points. 🙁