Human: an anthology exploring what it means

Human is an anthology of short stories and poems exploring the human condition, social mores and normative behaviors.

What does it mean to be Human? Scientists, psychologists, theologians and others have asked this question since the beginning. In this anthology, The Writing Journey offers a collection of creative reflections on the ever-changing prism we call the human experience.  What are the edges of being human? These stories and poems plumb those boundaries, some with the lightness of ironic humor and some with the heavy despair of reality.  Enjoy these writers as they explore the many facets of love, family, friendship, growing up, growing old, death and dying, our fears, our needs, our alienations, and our aspirations.  Or can we define human at the edges of our relationships between and among species, humans and technology?

The Writing Journey is publishing online this collection of flash fiction stories and poems, edited by Tim Yao, Mary O’Brien Glatz and Melinda Borucki and featuring stories and poems by Tanasha MartinArah KoMary O’Brien GlatzTodd HoganElaine FisherTim YaoKeshia Nowden, Melinda BoruckiAna KoulourisEd Pongklub, and Stephanie Ewing. An e-book form of the anthology will be made available this spring.


2017 Writing Journey

We’re nearing the end of 2016 and celebrating what turned out to be a very productive year for the Writing Journey. A resurrected Accountability Path (led by Todd Hogan), a brand new in-person critiquing group (the Journey Critique Workshop led  by Catherine Brennan), the Editing Path (led by Sam McAdams), seven monthly Journey meetings, each with two workshops and sundry story walls, and not one but two short story anthologies (the first led by Awnna Evans and Eleanor Roth; the second edited by myself, Mary O’Brien Glatz and Melinda Borucki). Jenny Johnson led the Query Path; and Sarah Johnson led some MiniWriMo sessions.

Now the 2017 Writing Journey is ready to launch. We have some events already scheduled (see, including two Shakespeare Reader’s Theatre events, the annual Writer’s Voice Workshop, and the general meetings. We’ll be brainstorming new Paths at the first meeting January 14th.

Folks can join the Writing Journey by filling out this survey.