Voices From the Dark Anthology Available Dec 15!

“Within each of us lies a darkness. A deep, unnerving essence that lurks at the fringes of our consciousness.

Some hear it as a voice whispering secrets from the dark shadows. Others feel its presence as a cold chill sent tingling down the spine.

However it makes itself known, the darkness is there. It’s real, and it wants to be freed.

Eleven members of the Writing Journey set out to explore the darkness that lies in all of us.

To listen to and translate their own Voices From The Dark.

They searched in such places as a local library, the house of a typical American Family, a high-end restaurant, an ER, and a graveyard.

The results are tales of death, betrayal, terrorism, monsters, murderers, broken dreams, and the undead.

The Writing Journey beckons you to experience their darkness.” -The Writing Journey

I’m super excited to share this with the world! My first ever publication will be available on Amazon and Createspace December 15– just in time for the Christmas holiday.Final Cover 10 23 smallDon’t you love the cover? Derek @creativeindie did an amazing job!

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