On my week in Chattanooga.


One of my fellow writer-attendees had these thoughts about the workshop we just attended. Thanks for sharing, Mishell!

Originally posted on Not From Benevolence:

Writing is hard.  Learning how many ways you’re wrong about stuff is even harder.  During the 2014 Writing the Other workshop/retreat in Chattanooga there were a few times I had to sit on my hands to keep from tearing my hair out.

But there were also long rambling walks through sun dappled woods.  Fireflies and rocking chairs.  Salted caramel cheesecake.  A sweet old dog who looked up as I came out onto the porch and gave his tail a couple of thumps, but left me alone.  There was a woman from Sweden who’d known me for all of six days who wrapped a Band-Aid around my finger as though I were a treasured child in her care.  There was a yellow croquet ball that made a satisfying crack as it sailed across the lawn.

When teaching hard lessons, it’s necessary to be gentle, at least with some of us.  Everyone comes from some…

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