Story Wall: Key West

I want to thank everyone who participated  in my story wall for Key West. I received many great ideas, suggestions, and challenges. I envision a number of story improvement, plot changes, and new characters. I even plan to make a few changes in Port Royal before it is released. Great session for me. Thanks again to all.


Roger’s fiction writing began as a participant in NANOWRIMO in 2004. Since 2004, he has completed nine 50,000 word manuscripts in nine years.

Roger is the author of three self -published novels. To the Western Border: A Fantasy Adventure, (Book One in The Council of Magic) in 2011, Bullseye: A Novel of Murder and Suspense in 2011, and Captiva in 2013.  As a member of  The Writing Journey, Roger edited and published an Anthology of short stories by the The Journey entitled: The Day Before the End of the World (2012).

Roger is a behavioral Psychologist with 20 years of university teaching followed by 20+ years as a business consultant. In his career, Roger has been a business consultant, workshop leader, retreat facilitator, public speaker, speechwriter, assistant professor, researcher, parent trainer, and dogcatcher. Roger is married to Lynette Chandler, a University Professor and author. Roger and Chris Hanson are the authors of Finding the Right Path: A Guide to Leading and Managing A Title Insurance Company (2011).


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