Workshop on Revising Your First Draft.

The Path to Publication   –   From First Draft to Self-Published Novel

The Writing Journey Workshop on Revision

Ready to create the second draft of your 2013 NaNo novel? Already started or still working on 2012? Mark your calendar. At the next Writing Journey meeting (Saturday February 8, from 11:30 AM-3 PM in the Lunch Room, Naperville Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle Street, Naperville; as with other Journey meetings, bring your own lunch) Roger Lubeck is conducting a Workshop on Revising Your First Draft.

Going from first draft to a finished, publishable, novel takes a series of steps. It is a process of writing, revision, and editing. This workshop will examine the process of revising a first draft. Through presentation and hands-on activities, the workshop will explore character, scene, and dialogue development and revisions, using a story wall for plot adjustments, and the ARRR process of revision: Add, remove, replace, and rearrange.

In the workshop, participants will revise aspects of one of their unfinished novels. To facilitate these activities each attendee is asked to bring a copy of his/her novel, or copies of pages taken from his/her most recent (first) draft for the following workshop assignments:


  1.  Character. Bring a copy of the description of the main character (Protagonist) taken directly from the most recent draft (text only no bullet points). This should include the first time the character is described in the novel and page number. You can include later descriptions (pages) if they help. You can print the page and highlight text if you like.
  2. Location. Bring a copy of the description of a location or scene that is important to the story. The description is to be taken directly from the most recent draft (text only no bullet points). This should include the first time the location or scene is described in the novel. You can print the page and highlight if you like.
  3. Dialogue. Bring a sample of dialogue between the Main Character and another Main or Secondary character. The sample should be half a page or more with what you consider either your best scene of dialogue or a conversation that needs work.


Roger’s fiction writing began as a participant in NANOWRIMO in 2004. Since 2004, he has completed nine 50,000 word manuscripts in nine years.

Roger is the author of three self -published novels. To the Western Border: A Fantasy Adventure, (Book One in The Council of Magic) in 2011, Bullseye: A Novel of Murder and Suspense in 2011, and Captiva in 2013.  As a member of  The Writing Journey, Roger edited and published an Anthology of short stories by the The Journey entitled: The Day Before the End of the World (2012).

Roger is a behavioral Psychologist with 20 years of university teaching followed by 20+ years as a business consultant. In his career, Roger has been a business consultant, workshop leader, retreat facilitator, public speaker, speechwriter, assistant professor, researcher, parent trainer, and dogcatcher. Roger is married to Lynette Chandler, a University Professor and author. Roger and Chris Hanson are the authors of Finding the Right Path: A Guide to Leading and Managing A Title Insurance Company (2011).


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  1. Wish I could go, but I’ll be at Capricon all weekend. I hope you all will post good notes; I’m in the revision process now.

    BTW, isn’t Saturday February 8 rather than February 11?