2018: Anthology 15

For authors, love gives us a vehicle we can use to drive our readers to new emotional heights. We get to (if we’re successful) bring the readers on our character’s strong emotional journey. In a short story or flash fiction or poem, this is necessarily a short, focused thing, perhaps as short as a single scene.

Contemporary does not mean conventional. There are no formulas for how you express your journey.

We’re looking for all emotions that tie into love:

  • Fear for one you love
  • Fear of losing love
  • Joy on love fulfilled
  • Excitement on finding love
  • Heartbreak from love ending
  • Loneliness being away from one you love
  • Jealousy of a loved one
  • etc.

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Title: to be determined – maybe something like: The Many Splendored Thing

Description: An exploration of love: the emotions in human relationships in short stories and poems

Genre: Contemporary


  • It contains characters that behave the way most readers would. The characters must be believable.
  • The story is set in the present.
  • The setting is a real place or at least seems like a real place.
  • The events are events that could happen in real life.
  • Dialogue is informal and conversational and often includes regional dialects.

Sub-genre: Romance

Sub-genre flavor: Up to you (e.g., mystery, humor, etc.), but it is just a flavor, not a true sub-genre (i.e. not historical romance, sci-fi romance, etc.)

Rating: PG-13 (like all Journey anthologies)

Story lengths: 700 words flash fiction,  5000 words short story

Poetry?: Contemporary poems are encouraged.

Romance: while many stories will focus on romantic love, the anthology will be open to other kinds (e.g., the normal love a parent has for his/her child). We are looking for evoking the strong emotional response in the reader.

Sex/Eroticism: Hey, this is a PG-13 anthology. Nothing explicit is allowed or encouraged.

What is love? You can have love between

  • Two teenagers who suddenly notice each other
  • An older married couple
  • Adults trying to make love work in their busy lives
  • A parent and their children
  • Two dear friends
  • Etc

Love inspires

  • Crazy choices
  • Sacrifice
  • Devotion
  • Fevered imagination
  • Etc.


20 January Google+ hangout kick-off meeting 1-2 pm CST
3 February First drafts due 3 February
17 February Critiques due 17 February
10 March Second drafts due 10 March
24 March Critiques due 24 March
14 April Third drafts due 14 April
5 May Critiques due 5 May
26 May Final drafts due 26 May

Tim Yao

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