Events 2023

This page has information about Journey monthly General Meeting and one time events like Shakespeare Theater and the Writer’s Voice Workshop. Other Paths have their own event information, though public events are typically added to the Journey calendar (shown in agenda view to the right).

Up to date information for all Journey activity should be on the google calendar — try looking at it in Agenda view. If an event is not listed there, you can sometimes find information on the google group site–but ask the Path leader to add the info to the Journey calendar.

General Meetings

We begin with round-robin sharing (the first hour) and then participate in 1-2 planned workshops. Zoom links for these meetings are available upon request.

  • Zoom, noon-3 pm CST, Saturday, January 14th, 2023
    • Planning for the 2023 Journey
    • 2023 Journey Anthology
  • Zoom, noon-3 pm CST, Saturday, Feb 11, 2023
    • Short Story workshop – Jenn, Tim, Jenny, Sam
    • Memoirs workshop – Sherry Linker
  • GEPL/Zoom, noon-3 pm CST, Sat, March 11, 2023
    • Mindfulness and Creativity, Julie
    • Editing (facilitated discussion) – Jenny
  • Zoom, noon-3 pm CST, Saturday, Apr 8, 2023
    • Keeping your writing organized / Writing a series – Daniel
    • Tapping into your Strengths (asset-based thinking) – Leslie 
  • GEPL/Zoom, noon-3 pm CST, Sat, May 13th, 2023
    • Blogging (facilitated discussion) – Eric 
    • Short poetry/haiku slam – Bevan
  • Zoom, noon-3 pm CST, Saturday, June 10, 2023
    • Publishing process (facilitated discussion) – Sam
    • Wow Hollywood with Your Story – Tammy Gross
  • GEPL/Zoom, noon-3 pm CST, Sat, Sept  9th, 2023
    • Irish folklore – Daniel

Shakespeare Reader’s Theatre

The works of William Shakespeare are beautifully written, but many aren’t aware of how much fun they are to read and to act. Everyone old enough to read Shakespeare is welcome to join us—everyone present will have at least some part in the work (and maybe two or three  ). No experience or preparation is needed (though it can be helpful to watch some free performances of the plays beforehand). We’re there to have fun, stretch ourselves a little, and enjoy the Bard’s great work.

  • To be scheduled (we’ll try to do this outdoors in downtown Naperville when the weather is warmer)